Our Standard Kit License

This license applies to all products marked standard kit license on our website. You can find the specific license for a kit by looking in the additional information tab.

Royalty Free Uses:

You’re free to use our kits to make your own original compositions. You can sell these as leases & exclusively to artists. You never have to pay us royalties for people licensing your beats for use. You also don’t owe us any royalties from monetizing your beats on YouTube etc. Using our elements in a standalone commercial song though requires further negotiation with our team. You agree to contact [email protected] upon placing or releasing a standalone song. This further license works on a % of song royalties and does not require any advances or fees upfront.

Further Licensing Outside Of Songs:

Using files from our products as part of a score on a movie, commercial or TV show. Depending on the size of the production, you may need to acquire a special license.

Non-Permitted Uses:

Releasing any of the files from our product as standalone elements. This means you cannot use files from our products inside of your own kits or share them online. This includes files that you have tweaked or modified.

This license does not mean you can claim copyright. This means the kit creator remains copyright holder of their files. You are still responsible for any clearance if you sell a beat in the form of a lease or exclusive rights.


You can collaborate with others on your compositions without invalidating your license. You are free to send trackout’s to others although sending Midi files or patches will invalidate your license. With collaborations the above still applies to the end composition and you are solely responsible for contacting us for clearance.

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