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Calculate Your Royalties

We pride ourselves on transparency & honesty. There are no backroom dealings regarding what percent of sales you get, we only have two tiers. Normal sellers at 50% and affiliates (People who’ve been with us a long time and show great promise) at 60%.

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  • Ultra Fast Kit Hosting & Downloads

  • Fast, Optimized Beautiful Website

  • Royalty Payouts Every Week

  • Free Pixel-Perfect Kit Artwork

  • Private Social Media

  • We Keep You Updated On Everything

  • Fully SSL Secured Site-Wide

  • Marketing Designs

  • Your Own Mini-Site On The Site*

  • Individual Sale Records Upon Request

  • Lots Of Help Improving Your Kit

  • & More

Drum vault in the few weeks that I have been a seller has helped me gain revenue and actually cares about marketing my kits. Drum vault is a great place to network with fellow producers and the owners have been very helpful with telling me what to add or take out of my kits for future uploads.

Eversince the start I knew drumvault was the way, the way they design there kits and how they do deals/sales for producers is great. Drumvault has been a great success with me the owners always make sure everyone is happy with the way there kits are selling. They always make sure your kit is the best thing out there this is why I love being part of Drumvault

G-Loudz, Drum Vault Affiliate

DrumVault is the best growing producer landmark for the growing online community. From the way each kit is organized to the way they care about actually maintaining a relationship with the people they help create or inspire to create. I fully believe in DrumVault not because I ended up becoming apart of it but because Im sure it would be the place I would go for kits. Five months ago I was just starting up and somehow I landed among some of the most genuine and trustworthy people I could. I know that DrumVault will be the best place for the online producer/music community because DrumVault and inspiration are the same thing in my eyes.

Kirk Stillz, Drum Vault Affiliate

Don’t just take our word for it.

We work incredibly hard to make sure every seller is happy. Once you’re selling with us, you’ll get to know a lot of them and have the opportunity to take part on a private platform in working with us providing feedback and getting great advice for your next kit.

We help you every step of the way in developing a perfect kit with us, from helping perfect every audio file & formatting/tagging your files within the kit, all the way to marketing graphics, kit artwork and even helping with the kit name. Our team treats every kit like a collaboration for each seller.

One last thing…

We have a few pre-requisites for anyone wanting to join Drum Vault. Firstly, we’re not a magic solution for kits to sell themselves. We like to see hard working team players, people here simply to make a few easy sales shouldn’t apply. Secondly, we sell kits on an exclusive basis. So generally we look for people who haven’t got the kit they’re trying to sell with us already online being sold somewhere else – even if you are willing to take it down. Thirdly, we’re big on ethics. If you’re selling other websites drum-kits or commercial vsts illegally for side money, we won’t accept your products.

Let’s Work.

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