Product License


Copyright, the kit creator remains copyright holder of their files. This may cause some restrictions from what you may see on the FAQs page.

Publishing, Major or Independent Placements that contain our Loops, Stems, and/or Midi Files, a fee and/or percentage must be negotiated.

For any clearances, please email [email protected] and we’ll gladly get back to you ASAP.

Can I share my kits?

No, you can not share kits or files from kits under any circumstance. This includes sharing and/or selling our files. When collaborating with other producers, you should provide .wav stems instead of sharing individual kit files.


Our license is unique and binds to the email that you used to make your purchase. You cannot re-sell, trade, and/or giveaway your license. It stays unique to you, no matter what.

If you’re looking to validate your license, we just need your email & any PayPal transaction ID’s from payments to us. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours with what kits you’re licensed to use and which specific licenses applies to you.

If you have multiple pirate copies of our products, this may stop you from generating royalties from songs you’ve produced. We’re happy to offer discounts to previous pirates upon legitimatizing their collection of Drumvault kits.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

We accept PayPal and all major plastic cards via PayPal (even if you don’t have a PayPal account). For large orders from businesses we may also accept Bank Transfers & Bitcoin at our discretion. We’d love to accept smaller amounts for other payment methods, but we pay our members weekly and both of these methods require more time to pay our members.

Is Your Website Secure?

Absolutely. We utilize high-end managed hosting specifically designed for eCommerce and your payment information is only visible to PayPal. We encrypt all user passwords on our website and use SSL to secure your connection to our website from third party eavesdropping.

Do You Offer Discounts To Military/Students?

Not yet but we plan to very soon. Please sign up to our mailing list to be notified when this happens in the coming weeks.

Our Company

How Can I Sell My Kits On Drumvault?

Unlike many platforms where you simply signup and start selling, we do things different. We like to source kits from incredible producers on an exclusive basis (meaning their kits are only sold with us) under a contract. We like to think we have a great team of people producing products with us, but if you think you could fit the mold please follow us to see when we’re looking for new members. All requests to sell with us via our regular contact form will be ignored.

How Much Are Members Paid?

We pay our members based on a commission basis every week. The amount you’re paid depends on the royalty percentage assigned to you which starts at a minimum of 50% and goes up to 65%.

Our web team has made this interactive calculator to show how much you would make at these rates:

Move the slider to set kit sales:

Kit Price in $

Kit Sales

PayPal Fees ($0.30) in $

PayPal Fees (%) in $

Gross Revenue in $

Total Fees in $

Net Revenue in $

Income If Member $

Income If Affiliate $

Kit Price 40$
PayPal Fee
Your Income After All Fees
Member Income
Member Income
Member Income
Why Sell On Your Website?
Team Environment

We are incredibly selective on who we bring into our team. This means if accepted, you’ll have a lot of expertise and wisdom available to you and a great close knit community. The best part about joining we hear is everything you learn from more experienced members.

Endless Learning

We believe learning skills helps empower producers. We love to teach producers powerful skills from copyright law to coding. In fact, a lot of the code for this websites product pages was by MLB Beats help him learn more about websites. Before long he was suggesting things to our visual team and running most of the new product page layouts on his own.

Game Changing Resources

We make sure our members have everything they need for their products including any promotional graphics, kit artwork, kit branding where needed and much more. We handle the entire process of launching products online on your behalf on our powerful platform.

Where Do I Find My Downloads?

You’re able to find your download(s) either in your downloads in your account, or on your digital receipt that goes to your email, there will be a direct download.

All my old purchases from the old site are gone, what now?

We’ve moved platforms so we couldn’t move across old orders. We are planning to host a backup for old orders for the rest of 2018/early 2019, but if you need a kit urgently please email us what kit & your username on the old site.

Can I Refund A Order?

We’re unable to provide a refund if you have downloaded any of the product(s) that you have purchased. We unfortunately are unable to refund any product(s) that you have purchased if you already downloaded the kit(s).

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