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All Kits Bundle

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Just starting out Music Producing? Hobbyist? Industry Professional? Look no further, DrumVault has you covered on all aspects of Music Production. Our All Kits Bundle is easily our best value grab, containing Drum Kits, Loop Kits, Stem Kits, Soundbanks, Midi Kits, Construction Kits, FX Presets, Expansions, & More. We promise you this bundle will keep you locked up in your lab, with what it seems like to be a never ending dream. What are you waiting for? This bundle is awaiting you.

Kit Contents:

  • Summer Winds (Drum Kit)
  • Ascension (Loop Kit)
  • Los Santos (Drum Kit)
  • Ambrosia (Stem Kit)
  • DNA (Construction Kit)
  • Electrified V1 (Electra Bank)
  • TheSauceKit (Drum Kit)
  • Passport (MIDI Kit)
  • Ambrosia V2 (Stem Kit)
  • Dimensions (808 Kit)
  • Olympus (Stem Kit)
  • Percocet (MIDI Kit)
  • Blessings (MIDI Kit)
  • Nebula (Gross Beat Bank)
  • Vice City (MIDI Kit)
  • Winter (Stem Kit)
  • Inglewood Drive (MIDI Kit)
  • Nimbus (MIDI Drum Kit)
  • Racer-X (MIDI Kit)
  • Ghost Rider (Stem Kit)
  • Draco (MIDI Drum Kit)
  • Bermuda (MIDI Kit)
  • Express (Gross Beat Bank)
  • Rodeo (Omnisphere Bank)
  • Nascar (Loop Kit)
  • Vahli (Drum Kit)
  • Thirty Six Sins (Gross Beat Bank)
  • Sweet Savage (MIDI Kit)
  • Space-X (Stem Kit)
  • Infected (Effectrix Bank)
  • Conscience (MIDI Drum Kit)
  • Majesty (MIDI Kit)
  • Solstice (Omnisphere Bank)
  • Maui Bay (MIDI Kit)
  • Blem (Drum Kit)
  • Davy Jones (Loop Kit)
  • Cloud 7 (HH MIDI Kit)
  • Brooklyn Bap (Drum Kit)
  • Molly (MIDI Kit)
  • Sengoku (Stem Kit)
  • Pacific (Stem Kit)
  • Phantom (Stem Kit)
  • Red Rum (Loop Kit)
  • Sunshine (MIDI Kit)
  • Whats Beef (Drum Kit)
  • Lagoon (MIDI Kit)
  • Magnolia (Stem Kit)
  • Gambinos (Stem Kit)
  • Mars (MIDI Kit)
  • Water (MIDI Kit)
  • Antimatter (MIDI Kit)
  • Lost Scriptures (Sylenth Bank)
  • By The Gram (MIDI Kit)
  • Invictus (Drum Kit)
  • Vapour (Stem Kit)
  • Greed (Gross Beat Bank)
  • Straplanta (Omnisphere Bank)
  • Faint (Stem Kit)
  • Carmen (Electra Bank)
  • Colours (Stem Kit)
  • Pharaoh (Omnisphere Bank)
  • Apollo (Stem Kit)
  • Paris Nights (Drum Kit)
  • oXXXygen (Stem Kit)
  • Templar (Stem Kit)
  • Flipping Keys (Loop Kit)
  • Oxymoron (Perc Kit)
  • Malibu (Stem Kit)

Out of stock

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Purchase Includes Deluxe Edition For All Available Kits, Does NOT Include Future Product/Releases


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