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Our new website

We had a hacking attempt on our website. It was an automated attempt to deface or inject spam into our website. It didn’t work. Sadly, this showed us we cannot trust our old web host to be secure.

This week we’ve been busy building a redesigned faster, beautiful & functional website from scratch with an essentially bulletproof web host. We made sure to take sanitation procedures along the way, so we are not recovering the old database into the website in case of a backdoor left in our code that could be exploited. This means you’ll need to email us to restore any purchases upon launch. We’ll be able to do it either via forwarding an email receipt to us, or providing us with a transaction ID from PayPal for your order once you have an account.

No customer data, kits, or anything was taken period. Our payments are handled via PayPal and nothing sensitive is ever processed via the website.

To the future,


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