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Not just another kit marketplace.

We don’t just sell your kits, if you need that then we’re not a good fit. We’re building a team of awesome people working helping us build Drum Vault into a great company, and will probably involve many in a lot of other ventures in the future. If you want to join a team of hard working people disrupting the world of trash recycled drum-kits and ego filled producers, welcome home family.


Paper plane approach to servers.

We liken our server technology to a paper plane. We keep it very simple, lightweight and blazing fast. We operate on fully configured servers for speed and customer data security, and use a separate host for all kit files optimized for download speeds and file integrity/security.

A really, really great team.

At first, we set up private chats for all members just to stay in touch although over time we’ve seen many friends form, teams take place and people helping each-over succeed more, not just in kit sales but in beat sales and placements. We like to think our secret to success is the people we have in the team.

Sell in the best looking storefront online.

We focus a considerable amount of time and energy into the feel of the website, the look of our kits and always improve upon it whenever possible. This translates into a happier customer and more sales for all of your kits. Our goal is to be and stay the best looking kit website ever.

A deal so fair we put it here on the site.

We give members 50% of their royalties on the site from the start. If we see you working hard, we make you an affiliate which includes 60% royalties and free downloads for all new kits. If you’re the weeks top seller, you get +10% royalties on top. That means you can get up to 70% & all the kits you can download with us.

Professional Support 24/7 For Customers

Friendly and knowledgeable support is provided for customers by fellow producers instead of overseas support staff reading out of a manual. This keeps customers very happy and helps our members maintain an excellent brand with us of quality, reliability and trust when busy working hard on their kits.

How to join Drum Vault.

Have a great, exclusive kit for us

We only deal in exclusive kits, so any kit you send us starting out and when a member cannot be shared, sold or anywhere except your computer. It will be graded for quality, usability and versatility. We also triple check to make sure its 100% original, as we don’t sell recycled sounds.

Be over 18 and able to sign a contract

Our members have fair contracts with us, that explain exactly what they’re paid and when. It’s nothing complicated, all very simple and just explains what we should expect from each-over. If you’re under 18, you do not have the ability to enter a contract without your parents also signing.

Have a Google account, Discord & a webcam.

We conduct interviews with new members over Google Hangouts video calls (Required), as well as regular video calls with a few team members (optional). We also talk mainly over the Discord platform and keep all members updated on company news via an announcements channel too.

Sound good? To get the ball rolling on becoming a part of our team email [email protected] letting us know about you & WeTransfer your kit to the same email. Simple enough right?

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