Founded in early 2017 after the passing of the website Drum Plug’s revolutionary co-founder Leco Nash, Drum Vault is the rebirth of the same values such as an obsession with quality, an investment into customer service and running circles around the competition instilled by Leco’s partner Drew. 

Our company was created to solve the issue most sites struggle with. Do you keep sellers happy, or the buyers? We like to think of ourselves as walking the thin line between both, constantly evolving how we operate and improving both the functionality and look of our website. We go as far as having every person owning a stake in the business helping out in the live chat where possible, as well as being 100% accessible over a private chat to all sellers. We operate with the ideology of keeping all sellers happy, as well as running one of the most efficient and beautiful websites in turn to keep everything perfect for the customer.

Meet Your New Best Friends, Our Gurus.

Drew Taylor
Drew TaylorFounder
A well known up and coming producer to most, Drew is the founder of the website and manages most of the day to day business including new kit submissions & business planning.
Music Production 95%
Business 86%
Sam Fletcher
Sam FletcherCreative Director
Coming in early on in the business, Sam is responsible for the look/feel of the website, kits and other things such as adding features to the website and handling the tech side.
Graphic Design / Marketing 96%
Web Design / E-commerce 85%
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We’re always looking for new kit suppliers, talented people from all walks of life for non-music stuff too. Why not email us? There’s sales to make and money to earn with us.

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